When the youngest goes off to school

Okay, so he's going to preschool...but still!

Nobody prepared for me this stage of motherhood. Sure, they said how tired I'd be with a newborn, how stressed I would be with a terrible two year old (even though they're wrong because 3 is the worst!), how difficult the teenage years would be, and finally how sad it it when they're grown up and you feel the empty nest syndrome.

Why don't they talk about the transition from home to school? I know I always see moms crying on the first day of school. However, I rarely hear from a stay at home mom on how it suddenly feels like the job is over. And this is with my youngest only going to school for 3 hours a day, I can't imagine in when he starts kinder and is gone for most of the day! It's a collection of feelings; sad, happy, excited, anxious, fearful, motivated, curious, unsure.

Personally, just thinking about going back to a "job" is enough to send my anxiety through the roof. Being a stay at home mom has challenged me and allowed me to grow in so many beautiful ways. And it has helped me control my anxiety because there wasn't pressure from an outside source. It has made me realize that working at home is all I want to do and I will finally have time to spend on my business. I won't have to rely on horrible bosses that lie, cheat and steal your tips. I'll be able to continue setting my own schedule.

I've sent my kids to daycare and I've been able to raise my youngest from my pregnancy up until school as a stay at home mom. By his side for the whole experience has been the best thing for me. I truly wish I could've done this with all my kids but I appreciate the time I did have with them and being able to drop them off and pick them up from school every day and have our summers together is something I want to continue having even when they're all in school.

I guess, you begin to think about your own future now that your kids don't require your 24 hour care any more. You begin to think about how you'll reintroduce yourself into a career, part time job, volunteer, or do you just simply continue to work on the house with more attention to projects and organizing. After all, it's not just your kids that are transitioning into their new role of student, you as a mom are transitioning into the next part of your life. The one you haven't had to think of because your kids have had your time and attention.

I'm sad that I have to say goodbye to the baby years...at least for now. I am excited to put 3 hours a day into my own dreams and have that time to take care of myself, finally and all the other things that have been neglected for the past 8 years. Walking my dogs without my child tagging along, gong to run errands and appointments KID FREE, and most importantly dedicating 3 hours a day to my blog which I hope to make my career so I can remain at home, but now I'll be a work at home mom. I feel excited to help other moms that are in the thick of it right now just as I've been through it. As I reach new phases that I have to get through I come out on the other side with knowledge and encouragement that I can share with other moms that need it.

If you are in the same boat, I encourage you to embrace any extra cuddle moment you can get with your children and start thinking about your vision board. What have you been holding off because you haven't had time? What will you be able to accomplish with the additional hours in hours opening up in your day? Instead of getting sad, get motivated for your new role- PTA mom! Just kidding just kidding! lol

Good luck momma, You're doing great!


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