Turn those January Blues to January Woo-Hoos!

The holidays are over now and January has rolled around. For some, January doesn't just welcome the new year, but it also brings unwelcome depression or, "January Blues".

I get it, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It's exciting and magical with the lights and decorations, flavors and scents of peppermint and gingerbread, social gatherings and gift giving. It's a joyous time!

Then, as fast as it came....it's gone. And we are left with bare walls and an empty spot where our tree stood for the past month. We are back to normal school and work life. Back to a home that is in serious need of a cleaning and organizing. Back to meal planning and carpool.

Well, let's change the mindset around January!

As a woman who use to experience the January Blues, I'm here to share my perspective of it all.

As a mom and wife, I have a lot of driving around to do between the families for various gatherings around the holidays. It's exhausting. My kids are home for 3 weeks while they are off for Winter Break. This year was even more crazy with my husband and I in the middle of purchasing a home and then falling sick with a nasty cold that continues to linger. It was a stressful time.

In moments of weakness, where you're required to take a step back and relax, forced to take care of your body and slow it down....We are left with the appreciation for the times we are able to coast during the slow months with little obligations ahead.

Soon enough, Valentine's Day rolls around, St. Patrick's Day for little bursts of excitement before we smash into spring break and then Easter and Mother's Day..Father's Day. Before we know it, the school year comes to a close and we welcome Summer time which comes with it's own special vibrancy.

Fall peers around the corner and kids begin a new school year. A slight calm before a new wave of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas spirit all over again.

And then we begin again. It won't be long before your new year calendar is filled with birthday parties and weddings, vacations and graduations.

Enjoy the freedom of a slow month. Breath in and the let a WOO HOO!!!

Let us enjoy January before we blink and winter is over and we're launched into summer and this moment of peace was wasted.

xoxo Patty


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