Tips for when hubby goes out of town for work

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Is your hubby going out of town for the first time and you're worried about being at home with the kids.....alone.....with no break at the end of the day?? Have no fear! You will survive mama!

Here are my tips:

Take your kids to the park

Take your kids to the park either before dinner or after. This breaks up the evening so that it doesn't feel like you are waiting for someone to come home but it's not happening. There will be a small space in the evening where the kids are expecting for daddy to come home. So, remind them that Daddy is working and won't be home and then go to the park. It takes everyone's mind off of the situation and gets some energy out while giving you another breather.

Have a kid centered dinner

Most days i cook dinner with my husband in mind. What will he eat that will fill him up so he doesn't complain about being hungry after dinner? And then for the kids, I'll just make sure not to add sauces to their portion or anything like that. While m hubby is out of town, I can make something my kids will FULLY enjoy! So if it's a mac and cheese dinner, pb&j, grilled cheese, egg sandwiches, spaghetti, whatever they would love...Now is the time to make their favorite dish as the main course for dinner. I instantly turn into "the best chef in the world, mama". While I enjoy a fresh salad with no judgmental husband around muahahahaha.

Let them have a sleepover in your room

Now, my kids beg me all the time to sleep in my room. They'll even settle for the floor! Anything to be in my room. Of course, daddy doesn't like that because it's overwhelming for him, especially on a work night. So, when Daddy goes out of town, the kids know they finally get to sleep in my room! And I love this special time to bond with my babies. I find that this eases their minds form their dad not coming home that evening. It's even exciting for them. Which calms my nerves knowing that they're okay.

Don't stress over housework during this time

I let myself relax. I don't have to worry about my husband coming home and judging how messy the house is, so I let things slide way more when he's out of town. (Not that he judges me, but I like making the house comfortable for him to come home to) Sure I still throw some clothes in the laundry and have the kids clean up after themselves, but I don't do any in depth housework during this time. I don't want any extra stress if it's not 100% necessary.

Enjoy time with YOURSELF!

Guess what my favorite thing is when my huzz goes out of town? The moment my kids fall asleep and I am the only one awake and I get to watch WHATEVER I WANT TO WATCH WITHOUT SOMEONE COMPROMISING WITH ANYONE ELSE!! I get to take up the whole bed, well...a bigger portion of the bed because I still have kid bodies in there. But it's so nice to just have some mental space free from worrying if my husband needs clothes for tomorrow or giving him space to relax and unwind after work, or making sure he's been fed properly, etc. etc. I can make the night about ME. And it's really nice to be with yourself. Especially after you've been married with kids for some years and these moments don't happen often. It really makes you appreciate yourself and your alone time. It's kike you realize what you've been missing.

So don't overthink your spouse leaving for a few days. It can be really fun. And if you look at it like it's time for you to focus on YOU in the evenings, it can be really amazing. Like a mini vacay.for yourself.

How do you handle the house when your spouse goes out of town?

I'd love to hear!

XOXO Patty


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