The Adventures Of First Time Home Buyers!

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Purchasing a home. What an exciting and terrifying event! I'm constantly bouncing back and forth from pure joy and excitement to the realization of the financial obligation which leads to fear and anxiety! We are so stoked to finally be looking for our family home. We are currently ALL living with my mom. We've been incredibly fortunate to have the support necessary to get on our feet and navigate life as newlyweds and new parents while in the comfort of my mom's home. The kids are incredibly close to Grandma so, the thought of not seeing her everyday is a weird one.

But now it's time we leave the nest and do things on our own. It's time to give my mom her house back and room to breath. It's time for us to go off and take our next big step in life together.

I feel grown up until I'm faced with something big like this, and then I find myself feeling very small in the world of the unknown and unsure of how things will work out. I surely don't want to fail. Which is why this decision must be carefully thought out and we must prepare as much as possible beforehand.

I'm documenting my journey with "The Adventures Of First Time Home Buyers" so that maybe I can help ease someone else's fears who are, or will be going through this next step of their life.

Over the next few months I'll share:

  • Preparing finances and credit before purchasing

  • How I picked a Real Estate agent

  • Speaking with A Mortgage Broker

  • Touring Open Houses

  • Making An Offer/Closing

  • SOLD!

  • Moving

I look forward to taking you on my journey!

Stat Tuned!


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