Surviving Summer Break

School is almost out for summer. Excitement showers over children and parents and teachers alike. But so does fear for us mommas! Two long and hot months we are stuck like glue to our children. All of us under one roof.

Lucky for you, I got you covered with my tips and advice for a smooth sailing summer vacay!

1. Get outside in the morning before 11am, enjoy the outdoors before the heat. Take a walk or go to the park.

Morning trips will help you avoid burning hot slides!

2. Have a water activity set up in the yard to cool down.

Let them run in sprinklers!

3. Maintain daily homework; workbooks, 30 minutes of reading, coloring, crafting, lego building, etc.

4. Have an outing once a week; preferably somewhere air conditioned or around water. We get season passes for our local kids amusement park which includes a water park. But choose somewhere local and easy to get to. (and within budget, of course!) But we love the library as well, they always have fun activities on the calendar and the kids run into their friends from school all the time.

5. Keep the chores going. When my kids are home I delegate chores twice a day. Afternoon and right before bed.

6. Have them help with meals. It's the perfect time to teach them some recipes and basic cooking skills. This summer I'm going to teach my 8 year old how to scramble an egg by himself. My younger two love to help chop up veggies for salads and help with mixing up batters.

This summer I have a lot on the calendar from out of state visitors to camping trips to concerts. I know the summer will blast pass us and the next school year will be looming over us before we know it. I want to be very intentional with my summer and enjoy my kids and make it all about family and FUN!

Do you have a special summer routine? I'd love to hear it! Leave a comment!




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