Summer Activities 2019

Last year, I saw a fellow mommy make a "wish list", a bucket list for the summer, with her kids of all the things they wanted to do or places they wanted to see during their summer vacation and I thought it was a genius way to squeeze every last drop out of summer. With that, I asked my kids to name everything they want to do with their time off and we came up with a nice list to reference when school is out.

Here it is:

beach trip


Chuck E. Cheese

mini golfing

Casa De Fruta

have a picnic

movie theater


Gilroy Gardens



Mystery Spot

pick up litter

water fight

Bradley's birthday party


4th of July BBQ- watch fireworks

make pickles and strawberry jam

Now, this is just a wish list. We may not do everything but at least there are options and I know what my kids are interested in doing. We also have family coming into town in July and in August so that will be "an event",

Ooohhhh boy! I am SO** excited for summer! What do you guys have on your list? Any summer traditions? Something new that you'll be trying? Let me know!


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