Review* Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk

Holy Smokes! So, I just finished watching the documentary Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk. It lived up to all my expectations. I'm a die hard Rancid/Operation Ivy/All things Tim Armstrong fan. I love punk, I love me some ska, and I live in the South Bay Area, so the documentary hit close to home. It was freaking RAD to see the live performances and pictures of back in the day when these bands were playing together and in their prime. Especially, since it was slightly before my time, unfortunately. I really enjoyed hearing the story of how most of my favorite bands came to be and how the environment was around the heart of punk at Gilman.

The artwork was cool, the documentary was long but it needed to be to tell the complete story of the creations and transformations that happened. It was narrated by Iggy Pop which was dope. Lots of Tim Armstrong and Jesse Michaels, lots of Green Day. I just found it to be fantastic. I wish I would've seen it when it played at the theater. Hearing all of the band mates speak on their experience was so cool, you felt like you were there, or, at least, really wished you were!

I found it on YouTube, but I definitely plan on copping the DVD and soundtrack ASAP.And I HIGHLY recommend any other fellow Punktrepreneurs give it a spin as well.

The East Bay had a really special atmosphere and you can't help but feel proud right along with the bands involved in the scene, like, that came from us, we are apart of that, that's our home!


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