Out & About: Mini Maker Faire


Our library hosted a Mini Maker Faire today. It was SO cool! Tons of hands on activities for the kids to do. We were there for 2 hours and I’m not sure we even did half of what was available! For my kids 3, 6, and 8- there was something for all of them to do.

Here’s a run down of what all we did....FOR FREE!

Soap Making

Solder A Button

LED light circuit

Corn Husk Flower



DIY Bubble Wand

Color and Press A Button

Control A Robot

Then there was so much to interact with including robots, giant foam blocks for building, giant tic tac toe, lots of bubbles to play in, art, etc. My brother felt like his 18 month old little girl wouldn't have anything to do, but I think even for her age there was plenty to explore and interact with.

I give this event two thumbs up!

To find a Maker Faire near you, check out : https://makerfaire.com/map/


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