Out & About: Hot Wheels Legends Tour

Have a Hot Wheels fanatic? There's a tour for that.

It's the Hot Wheels Legend Tour, a nationwide traveling car show in search of a custom car worthy of becoming of Hot Wheels die-cast car. Pretty cool, huh? Well, we thought so, too, so we took it for ride and went down to our Walmart to see the cars.

This was the kids' first car show...which was wild to think about because I grew up going to car shows with my dad and brothers. Why I hadn't taken my kids yet, who knows!

They loved seeing the cars. They were itching to get in them and didn't understand why they couldn't.

"One finalist from each of the 18 cities will join us at SEMA 2019 in Las Vegas, where one amazing car will be inducted into the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends™ and see their car sold around the world as an iconic 1:64 die-cast!"

Although we came towards the end, it seemed a little unorganized. Cars were leaving 30 minutes before the event was over so it was a tad chaotic to try to walk around with the kids while scooting out of the way of leaving contestants. (I will admit it was cool to hear the engines)

They had little passport style cards they handed out and you had to collect all 5 stickers from different booths. When we turned it in, we each received a Hot Wheels sticker.

There was a booth you could spin the wheel at for a chance to win a hot wheels car. Another table you could try to land a car to the end of the track after a loop and you could win a sticker or a patch.

I felt that it could have been more kid friendly, but at the time I didn't know what exactly the event was. Now, knowing it was a contest, I understand. Plus, it was just the second year. Still working out kinks, I'm sure.

Great out and about family activity or day out with Dad!

Click here to check the list of cities.

Have you attended the #HotWheelsLegends Tour? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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