Out & About: Camp Creativity at Michaels Stores

Updated: May 24

Ages 3+

$3 per session


This summer, Michaels Stores are hosting 7 weeks of summer crafts in their Camp Creativity series.

My kids recently attended the Shark Art session and I was pleasantly pleased with the event, It was my first time going to a Michaels craft event and after this one I can't wait to go to more!

It was $9 total for all 3 of my kids which included all the supplies. That was pretty sweet because I didn't have to purchase a bag of googly eyes and paint, construction paper, etc.

I also didn't have to worry about a mess! Extra points from this mom!

It was easy to sit down in the craft room and have all the supplies ready to go. My kids sat down and completed the project step by step. It took about 45 mins for them to finish it.

I felt that it was worth every penny of the $3.

Check your local Michaels event calendar to see what's available at your store.

There is the "Kids Club" which hosts crafts for kids ages 3+ on Saturdays from 10am-Noon. However, I notice that on my store's calendar there isn't a craft until September.

There are also "Make Breaks" on weekdays.

I usually see more advanced classes like cake decorating or crochet projects and such for older kids and adults. How relaxing would a trip to Michaels...ALONE...for some crafting be? Sign me up!

You can check your local Michaels events calendar HERE

(Look for free events too!)

Go check it out or let me know your experience at a Michaels craft event!


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