Out & About: All Aboard!!

Looking for a day of fun with your little one? Go on a train ride! This particular activity has been a blast with little ones (2-4), as my kids get older they enjoy the ride but aren’t completely mind blown. It helps if there are things to do around the station like gold mining or passports they can go around and get stamped. So make sure you check out the site ahead of time to see what’s available there.

I will say, A Day Out with Thomas is a super fun day. Tons of activities to do before and after you ride the train. Plus, you get to have Thomas the train pull you along!

In Felton, Ca we have Roaring Camp Railroads. There’s a train that takes you on a 1 hour trip through the redwoods or a beach train that takes you to the boardwalk and then back to Roaring Camp. Back at the station they have a blacksmith, panning for gold, face painting, crafts, the marshal riding around on his horse, and lots of photo ops. You can grab a passport at the general store and gather your stamps from each activity, with each stamp getting you closer to earning a sheriffs badge or engineer’s hat.

The passport was what my kids looked forward to the most.

Beware- it can get pricey if you have a bigger family. The train tickets plus money for all the activities, food is always expensive at a family park. Be prepared ahead of time so you aren’t in sticker shock while trying to enjoy your day!

This is fun to do every now and then, if you haven’t gone before I totally recommend going at least once!


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