New Years Eve With Kids

Updated: May 28

I've been sick for the last week, which means my kids have been pretty darn bored at home while I've been bed ridden. With New Years Eve right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to throw a kid friendly NYE party at home.

New Years is a time where literally the whole world celebrates the start of a new year. Isn't that cool? We're all united in 1 common celebration for a day. I remember always being at my Grandma's for NYE where I could always count on her to pull through with the poppers, streamers and glittery hate.

The last time I remember celebrating was for the year 2000. Now, we are heading into 2020! Isn't that wild? Another decade down. We say goodbye to the teens and hello to the twenties.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to start making some traditions for new years eve with my own kids. 2019 was a good year and I have a great feeling about 2020!

Let's get into my plan for NYE with kids!

Oh, New Year's Eve Tree

Oh, New Year's Eve Tree

My tree always stays up for a week after New Years Day. I stumbled upon an awesome idea of decorating the tree with balloons and streamers. And a perfect way of saying goodbye to Christmas and hello to the New Year. How cute?!?

Balloon drop.

When the ball drops, so will our balloons! And the best part is that the kids will be able to pop them when they fall (which is something they absolutely love).

You just take some wrapping paper and tape it up to a ceiling fan or just the ceiling. Then add a string for easy pulling. Place blown up balloons in the wrapping paper cradle and voila!

Family Game Night

How do you get away with watching the 2019 recaps on the tele without the kids taking over the tv? You distract with some board games! What kid doesn't like parent-involved board games? Plus, its a great way to pass the time while you wait to ring in the new year!

Time Capsule

In an old coffee can, we will place items in for our future selves. It could be one of their current favorite things-Pokemon cards? A letter. Something fun. Get creative with what you place inside.

Family Vision Board

I always make a personal vision board to keep my goals, dreams and ambitions posted to remind me what I'm working towards. This year, I though it'd be fun to do a family vision board for brainstorming what we'd like to do as a family in the New Year. Vacation? Hikes? Things we'd like to do more of or places we'd like to see, resolutions will be posted on our family vision board.

"Lucky" Foods

We will have a meal which includes foods thought to bring you good lucky. These include beans, greens, pork, pomegranate, round fruits, and long noodles-think stir fry.


Netflix has 13 different shows for New Year's Eve Countdowns in case you want to trick the kids for an earlier bedtime :)

Happy New Year Ya'll!!


My kids fell asleep at 9 and we celebrated in the morning.........LOL!

xoxo Patty


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