My Favorite Mom Gear For Road Trips And Outings With Kids.

Updated: May 28

Going anywhere with kids can be challenging. Having the wrong type of gear when you go out can make it even more problematic. After years of trial and error, I've gathered a list of my must have mom gear for getting out of the house with ease with multiple kids!

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1. Cooler Backpack (filled with snacks and water)

A must have!!

Kids get hungry almost immediately upon sitting in their car seats. Don't ask me why. But having snacks packed not only keeps the littles happy but also saves money and a trip through a drive thru.

I like to pack lots of fruit such as bananas and oranges, as well as pretzels, granola bars, and trail mix.

They also have coolers that have a built in stool for when the kiddos get tired while waiting in line at an amusement park or to have somewhere to sit at the beach or whatever other adventure you take.

2.Cross Body Purse.

You need to be hands free but at the same time be able to have quick and easy access to your wallet, phone, chap stick, tissue, etc. That's why I like crossbody shoulder bags.

**Bonus if you find one that's washable!

This purse on Amazon is super cute and it comes in some super rad colors-Hot pink, lime green, blush and so many more!

3. Large Water Bottle

Everyone gets thirsty, especially after having so much fun with their awesome mom! So, always have water on hand. I find one big one works best rather than an individual water bottle for everyone (They end up left in my car and not taken out for weeks).

4. Hair Tie

Keep one on your wrist at all times. When you gotta handle your kids, you just put that hair right up in a bun and take care of business.

These are so comfy!!!! My favorite hair ties by far, I'm obsessed!

5. Sunscreen

Bare Republic is my favorite brand. My family and I have sensitive skin and this brand has never made us break out or rashy. The face sunscreen feels so good too!

Safe ingredients for your skin and the environment!

6. Toilet Seat Protectors

The horror of rushing to the bathroom only to find that there are no more seat protectors!! Even with boys, if they have to poop, they sit down on the toilet and touch every inch of it, it feels like. I always have disposable seat protectors in my bag-Just In Case! And I have used them many times! Even my husband when we went camping.

Maximum coverage! This one covers the whole bowl for those with kiddos that like to hold on to the toilet for dear life while they go potty. (Not flushable)

These are the more common seat protectors that are flushable:

7.Travel Janes

We spend a lot of time in my car. School pick up lines, road trips, play dates that are a few towns away, and parks or beaches without toilets. Travel Janes are perfect because it's not messy at all. I purchase the ones made for women- the only difference is that they're pink. Both boys and girls can use them. It turns the liquid into gel-mess free! No need to worry about a cup of pee spilling.

(They use them in the privacy of my back seat)

8. Lip Balm

Who doesn't like lip balm? Soft and smooth lips. A simple way to lift up your spirits if it's one of those days out with your kids.

Dr. Bronner's is my fave, so smooth and moisturizing

That's my list. What are your must haves for an outing with your kids?


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