My daily summer schedule

Let's face it. Kids do better on a schedule. I'm guilty of slacking in this department because at home I like to take things as they come and have a more relaxed approach to things. I'm a homebody and love for my house to feel like somewhere you want to be and have some freedom to express yourself. I usually do what I feel like doing as I get the motivation. Some days I do yoga, others I focus on cleaning, and some I spend out in my garden...okay, okay and some days are spent in my room binging horror flicks.

With my kids, I give them free reign as long as they aren't getting into trouble or fighting. Or, if they are spending way too much time hooked to the tele. In those times, I know it's time to unplug and have them get more creative with their play.

Here is what my schedule looks like most days. But keep in mind I'm not walking around with a timer on my phone reminding me its time to move on to the next task. It's just a general schedule of how a typical day goes.

7AM- The kids wake up, get dressed and turn on the tv before I wake up

7:30AM-I wake up. Yes, my kids wake up before me (in the summer) Where was this during school?!

8AM- Drop off one child for summer school

8:15AM- Get my coffee while listening to a mommy podcast :) YAY of for me time!

8:30AM- Come home and take a moment to watch the news, drink my coffee, look over my planner, etc. At this time, I have the other two kids build legos, draw, eat some breakfast, and play quietly.

9:15AM- Kids have to tidy up from previous messes.

9:30AM- The kids spend separate time watching a show in separate rooms. They like their alone time and it works with the middle child at summer school. At this time, I work on my blog.

11AM- Time to get brother from school...Chaos begins

11:35AM- Lunch time, must feed them now before they get HANGRY


12:30PM- son gets a break after being at school and now he gets a turn with the tv. The other two have free play. (not tv) I do laundry.

1:30PM-Park time. It hasn't been too hot yet, so 1:30pm works out. Otherwise, they just do water fight in backyard to cool down. Generally, this is just outdoors time

2:30PM- Snack time

3PM- Quiet time. Read a book, homework time(they have summer packets), or just chill out in the living room unplugged. BUT THEY HAVE TO BE QUIET! I take a break with them too. I like to read to them from a chapter book or draw with them.

4PM- Free Play. Time for me to do chores.

5PM- Dinner prep, kids clean up after themselves and then get tv time. Usually, it's video game time.

6PM Dinner Time

6:30PM- Clean up from the day: clear table, sweep, kids pick up floor, pop annotjher load of laundry in, put leftover away, yada yada.

7PM- Shower Time for MEEEEEE

7:30PM- Bath Time for kids

8PM- Quiet time with the huzz, kids relax before bedtime

9PM- Bed time story

9:15PM- Lights Out...They're usually asleep by (9:30/9:45)

10PM- Bedtime for me


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