Kids and Chores

Feeling run down? Like you can't keep up with your kids' messes? You clean and clean and clean but nothing STAYS clean, ever?

It's time to pass down some of those chores to your children. Your kids are in school now and you're out of the baby and toddler stage. I think it's easy to forget that as parents, we also need to turn to the next page of parenthood and adapt to the new roles and challenges. Our kids are not babies anymore. Allow yourself to blossom into a new role, one that doesn't include doing EVERYTHING for them. Get them involved in the day to day chores more and get them in the kitchen, cooking and baking.

As they get bigger so will their messes. They should learn to clean up after themselves. My children definitely moan and groan when they have to clean up after a nerf war or a fort building session. But the flip side is that it's one less moan and groan that I have to do.

When I get to the point of feeling overwhelmed with the chores, I write down a list of what needs to be done and then let them choose what they would like to do.

My kids are capable of dusting, scrubbing toilets, wiping down sinks, cleaning mirrors, picking up their toys, sweeping, wiping down light switches and door handles. They can half help with mopping and dishes, but at least they get it started for me.

Life is great when you aren't the only one cleaning! :D On the flip, My kids love having their own rubber gloves and being able to use the spray. Win-Win.




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