Kid's Superbowl Party

Updated: Feb 7

If you're in America, there's a 90% chance you'll be tuning in to watch the Superbowl each year. It's just unavoidable. Whether you tune in for the actual football or for the commercials, food, and halftime performance-it's a good time!

The problem is, the kids can get bored quickly with watching the game. In an effort to make a Superbowl watch party more inclusive to my kids, I put together some activities for them to take part in.

It all starts with the food.


celery and carrot sticks

chips and dip

pizza bites

(Okay, I buy the TGIFs sliders in the frozen section, you caught me!)

Superbowl bingo

I was able to find these fun Superbowl Bingo printouts from SheKnows

This was fun for both kids and adults!

For motivation, I told the kids that the winner would get to eat a bowl of ice cream and everyone gets to watch.

Making a team flag

You only need felt, glue and a wooden stick for this one. Kids can choose their own color or use their favorite team colors I picked up a multi colored package of felt from Walmart..

DIY Pom Poms

All you need to make these is some tissue paper. Cut thin strips and then bunch the end and tape together. Where my cheerleaders at?!

Half Time Show



To get some of the ansty pants energy out, we took it outside to toss the ol' pig skin around.

This is usually enough to get them to half time! You're very welcome!


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