Husband Appreciation

My husband works and I have had the pleasure of staying at home with my kids for the past 5 years. I say pleasure because I'm an introvert and my home is my happy place. As a a stay at home mom I get to be in control of the day and I get to choose what happens and what doesn't happen. I am the boss of my house. Even though some days it feels as though the kids are running me. I still end my day in a state of gratitude for the amazing opportunity I have to be here with my kids for the time in their lives where they need and want my cuddles and kisses, love and affection.

My husband works really hard and shows up to work with an attitude of "let's get the job done and make the boss man happy". I admire that so much about him. He's not a quitter. He has this outstanding confidence that is pretty much contagious to me and has motivated me to do better in my own areas in life.

I know I work hard at home raising three kids, three dogs, and taking care of the house. But to me, there's no place I'd rather be. Of course, if I were able to make an income while also staying home with my kids, that would be ideal. But, right now, my main focus is on my boys and work hasn't seemed to be apart of the equation just yet. I know having a whole family depend on you to pay all the bills is stressful. I would be crumbling every day If I had to do what he does!

Whenever I can do something for my husband to show him my appreciation and make him feel cared for, I do it! You want something special from the store when I shop? I'm on it. You need your clothes washed for tomorrow? I'll start the wash. You want to play some video games? I'll leave you alone...kinda. You always hear "happy wife, happy life". Well for me the same is true for "happy husband, happy family". There is an equal give and take in our marriage. And it helps us both feel like we have the love and support to grow and maintain our own spaces and goals and desires. I don't feel like I'm doing more or less than him. I feel equal when I take a moment to appreciate what my husband does for us and think about how I can say thank you through my actions.

Husbands need love too!


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