How To Stay Cool At An Outdoor Summer Party

Updated: May 24

Okay, so you're having an outdoor party in the middle of summer. Don't sweat it! Check out my tips for staying cool at your next bash!

1. Start Early

If you can, have an early party. I recently had my son's birthday party at the park in the middle of July. It was projected to be 100 degrees that day. Luckily, I had anticipated the heat and set the party up to start at 11 and end at 1. The weather was so nice in the morning and it didn't get uncomfortably hot until 2:30, which was fine because the party was technically over by 1PM, the rest was bonus time with whoever wanted to linger.

2. Hydration Station

Make sure you have plenty of ice cold water and even gatorade. I brought Otter Pops which melted completely by the end of the party so offer them early if you choose to bring them.

3. Misting Fans

I purchased 2 Arctic Cove misting fans which sit on top of a bucket of water or you can connect it directly to a hose. It runs on a battery so it's completely portable. The battery only lasts about 2 1/2-3 hours but is compatible with Ryobi battery packs so you can have backup power.

They totally worked at keeping everyone cool. When the kids were beet red they could come over and let the cool mist cover their heads. The adults gravitated to them too and when they died it was definitely noticeable! (They sell them at Home Depot. You need to purchase the bucket separately but its only about $3 extra. People resell them on Amazon and Ebay for double the price, so make sure you aren't getting ripped off!)

4. Shade

Make sure you have a covered party area. I always rent the gazebo bbq area at our local park for our parties. But if you have a pop up tent that could work also. They even rent party tents/coverings which may be worth looking into if you just have an open space without shade.

5. SPF and sun protection

Make sure you have your sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. And bring extra sunscreen for others! You could include affordable hats and sunglasses as party favors for the kids.

This face wrap can be doubled as a face mask and sun protection. It provides UPF 50 and can becomes cool when wet. No need to get all hot and sweaty in your face masks this summer! Just pick up one of these snazzy cooling face wraps.

There's also these basic cooling bandanas that feel so good on a hot day and is a cute addition to any summer outfit for kids and adults!

And there you have it! My kid's birthday party was a success- even in 100 degrees!

Hopefully these tips can help you with your next summer party.


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