How To Be A Productive Mom

Feeling like you aren't doing enough during the day as a stay at home mom? Maybe you've lost your motivation now that you have a few years of mom-ing at home under your belt. Either way, here's an example of how my days run and some ideas for what to do when you're feeling like you're in a slump.

My daily schedule

(Basic guideline)

7AM - Wake up, Wake the kids up. Get dressed for drop off

7:45AM - Leave the house for school

8AM - Oldest dropped off at school, head to get my morning coffee from Starbucks.

8:30AM - Drop off #2 at preschool

9AM - Home. Breakfast, turn on the news, playtime/cuddles with the youngest.

I also use this time to call my BFF most mornings because I need a good Adult Convo to link me to the outside world.

10AM - Start laundry, light cleaning. (Pick up toys, pick up trash, dishes go to the sink, etc.) I size up what needs to be done that day and make a TO-DO list.

10:30AM - I take my mornings easy while the older kids are at school and enjoy the peace and quiet. So I'll take this time to get back to my coffee and look at the weekly ads, write anything important into my calendar, create a grocery list, meal plan, sign important papers, look at the budget, etc.

11AM - I shower and get dressed for the day. I prefer my sleep in the morning so I wake up with just enough time to throw on some stretchy clothes, put my hair up, and brush my teeth. I shower just before preschool pickup so I'm ready to tackle things when I get home.

11:30AM - Pick up son from preschool

12PM - Lunch

12:30PM - Begin cleaning. My son takes a break and I let him watch a movie while my youngest naps. I will do what I have on my TO-DO list for that day.

2:30PM - I take a break and watch some tv or BLOG

3:15PM - School Pick Up for my oldest. THIS TAKES LIKE AN HOUR!!!!

4PM - Home. Snack Time, kids play together, I give my oldest a break and keep the little one occupied

5PM - Homework and contemplate what to do for dinner.

6PM - Start dinner

6:30PM - Husband gets home

7PM Eat dinner

7:30PM - Clean up, kids take bath and get jammies on.

8PM - Reading time. Kids have to read for 30 mins each day for school. I clean up the house a bit before bed, and do any loads of laundry that may be needed for the following day

8:30PM - They have free time, I relax with hubby before he goes to bed

9PM - Bedtime for the kids, My hubby falls asleep during this process, leaves me with peace and quiet for a bit before I finally fall asleep.

10:30PM Bedtime for me.

Now, sometimes I go through a slump where I get really lazy and completely unmotivated . I prefer to scroll facebook and lay in bed than tackle my normal tasks. When I feel this way, I take a breath and turn on some music and just START doing something. Start a load of laundry, pick up my room, make my bed. If I start with something, no matter what it is, there is usually a snowball effect and things just start happening again.

Other times, I embrace the lazy day and give myself a break. But it's easy to get stuck in that way so I try not to embrace it too often.

Other ideas:

-Ask your husband if there is anything you can do during the day to help him out.

-Find a hobby

-Organize that hall closet that has been ignored for 5 years

-Paint your nails, do a face mask, take care of yourself

-Write letters to family to give an update on your life and to say hello! Family relations are important!

-Get out of the house and go for a walk or to the park

-Play a board game with your kids

-Ask your kids what they'd like to play and play along! Your day shouldn't all be about school and cleaning. PLAY! DANCE!

It's all about balance. Do something for your kids, house, husband, and self. Spend a day cleaning and the next day relaxing. One day running errands and the next day dancing the day away! You get the idea. Don't wake up everyday with the mindset of "Must Clean, Must Cook" You WILL burn yourself out. You have the privilege to be home, so enjoy it! Don't take it for granted.

Ladies, just remember, If you are feeling like you aren't doing enough, make a list of all of your responsibilities for the day during the week and the weekend. Make a note of the breaks you get from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. We have our plates more than full of things other families PAY someone to do! You're just so good at it that you are COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT with these things. So, give yourself a pat on the back! Be easy on yourself.

XOXO Patty


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