How To Add Structure To Your Day As A SAHM

The first step to creating structure is to decide what is most important to you and your family and structure your day around that. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Take a moment to sit down and write out everything that needs to be done to keep the flow of the house and to keep everyone happy and taken care of...don't forget yourself!

For example, here's my list:

Husband- clean clothes for work, enjoys a hearty dinner, likes time to unwind from his day usually with video games, comfortable environment (bed is ready for him to lay down, not much needs to be asked of him)

Kids- drop off/pickup from school, homework help, they like to have my time and attention after school-chores need to be done before they come home, they like to enjoy the tv when they come home and eat a snack as they're usually really hungry, bath time, and a bedtime story

Dogs- walks

Me- I enjoy a clean home. What is a clean home to me? Floors swept and mopped, stairs vacuumed, toys/clutter cleared from the floors and table, laundry moving, bed made, dishes semi-finished. I journal in the morning and watch Wendy Williams, I need to shower and get dressed-put makeup on occasionally. I have to work my business, creating content and promoting it.I love reading and taking a break with a movie or tv show before hubby gets home.

Other- Errands, appointments, visiting friends, meetings, shopping, etc.

You know what's important, now to figure out when these things will best fit into the day.

It's difficult to create a true hour to hour schedule because things are always popping up, some things take longer than anticipated and then the whole day is thrown off.

I begin my day with a shower before school drop off, take the kids then come home and walk the dogs. Back at home, I just start with one thing such as sweeping while I watch the Wendy Williams show, then I move to eating breakfast, onto mopping, then tv goes off and next its time to work until I pick up kids.

Next, it's making them a snack, hanging out with them for a bit, and then maybe I'll do a bit more work or settle down and read a book while they watch tv. Yoga, homework, then dinner. Bath time after that and finish with a bedtime story. Cuddles with the hubbs and zzzzzzzzzz.

In general, I clean in the morning for 1 1/2 hours and maybe do some laundry throughout the day however, cleaning is all done in the morning. Work is done early afternoon. mom duties continue on after that.

With my worksheet, I write it all out as something to reference and I create my day from that. Some of these things listed won't need to be done everyday such as laundry, floors, etc. and others will like dinner, homework, my business, walking dogs.

I've included 3 of the main sections where most of my day goes to: Kids, House(husband falls under this category because his important items have to do with cleaning and cooking), and Me.

*It'll be easy to throw in tasks from the "Other" list as you would just put your main list on pause and pick back up when you're back at home.*

Have your list of important stuff and you'll have reference to your structure for the day. What is most important right now or what makes the most sense to do right now? Ask yourself that as you look at your list and you'll have a balanced day after completing "a little bit of everything".


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