Halloween Treats!

Updated: Feb 13

So many cute Halloween treats, so few days! Pumpkin cookies, rice crispy treats, dipped apples, and monster bark...Just some of the spooky treats I was able able to make in the month of October. I have so many more I'd like to do, but now Halloween is just 2 days away. And then we head into the Holidays-full speed ahead!

Here are my Halloween treats I made this month. What will you make before the Turkeys and Christmas Trees come out?!

Rice Crispy Treats

Make rice crispy treats according to box. Then using cookie cutters, cut out cute shapes. Or, for the candy corn, just use a knife to cut out a triangle. Then, dip and decorate with melted chocolate/candies.

Dipped Apple Pops

I cut our freshly picked apples into slices and placed a stick in them.

Melt chocolate and let kids dip their apple pop to coat.

I also filled a decorating pen with melted chocolate so they could decorate as they liked.

Monster Bark

For monster bark, you just need to get some melting chips or chocolate in any colors you'd like. Melt the chips and spread out onto a lined baking sheet.

Let kids decorate with eyeballs, sprinkles, oreo cookie crumbs, or any other favorite candies.

Pop in the freezer for a few minutes to harden. Then, break into bark-like pieces.


Vampire Donuts

I let the kids pop in teeth and add eyeballs and sprinkles for a quick Halloween activity before they enjoyed their weekend donuts.


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