Looking for a new outdoor hobby that is fun for the whole family? Try Geocaching!

One of my favorite activities to do with my family is geocaching. If you aren't familiar with geocaching, it is basically hunting for hidden treasure in clever containers (a geocache) with the assistance of GPS coordinates or with the help of the Geocaching app.

They range from easy to more challenging so it's great for every age range! When, geocaching with kids, make sure you choose an easier cache to track. Keep in mind the terrain may be more difficult for the harder ones. And bring water and a snack!

There are more than 3 million geocaches in over 190 countries.

Here's how to geocache:

1. Download the geocache app to your phone

2. Choose a location through the website or app that is close to you.

3. Track the geocache through the app or with a GPS device. This will lead you to the location. Once there, put down your phone and start looking!

(Geocaches will never be buried.)

The app will give you hints for what you are looking for as sizes vary from that of a thumbnail to Tupperware containers and even cylinders that blend into the tree trunk.

4. Once you have found the geocache, open it up and write your name in the log book, take a picture, etc. but do not take the geocache! Leave it for the next person to find.

5. Place the geocache back the way you found it.

6. Keep Calm And Geocache On!

You can even hide your own geocache following the official geocache guidelines!

Happy geocaching!


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