Fun Ideas For Celebrating Your Child's Birthday During A Shelter In Place.


Your child's birthday is coming up, but how will you celebrate it while the nation is on lockdown and there are stay in place orders? You can't gather or go out, but that doesn't mean it has to be a bust. You can still have plenty of fun! I've gathered up a list of ideas for how to celebrate a birthday and still have a blast while under quarantine.

Here they are:

Face Painting Kit

I ordered this face painting kit by Melissa and Doug from Target. It's been a real hit since we got it. I find myself painting my kids' faces multiple times a week now. We may not be able to have a party, but that doesn't mean we can't act like it's a party :)

Yard Signs

Yard signs have popped up to buy and rent. You could get a yard sign for whoever you are celebrating from "Happy Birthday" to "Congratulations". Look on your local community page for someone offering Yard Sale signs. You could even put balloons up on the mailbox and around the front yard!

Order Their Favorite Food!

You can still order take out food, hooray! Ask you child what they'd like to eat and then order it. My son wanted a cheese-only pizza, it made his day to be able to choose what to order.

Rent A New Movie

With Netflix and Disney+, we don't spend money on rentals often, so for a birthday it would be special for our kids to be able to pick a new release movie to rent and have a movie night with popcorn and theater treats.

Gift Wisely

Make sure the gifts you buy are not only want they want, but something that can keep them busy. I bought my son Legos and a new Nintendo Switch game. He was busy all day!

Have A Virtual Party

Recently, my kids and I had the pleasure of attending a paint party for their cousin's birthday, with the help of ZOOM. All the kids joined the zoom meeting at a specified time with a canvas and paint supplies. Then the kids followed along the paint party host and painted the cutest bunnies and pandas.

I've seen online cooking and baking parties as well. Think of ways you can party together online. Even if the kids just hop on and talk to their friends, they'll love the opportunity to talk to their friends and family.


You can still decorate as if you were having a party! We bought a big balloon and some party favors, placed a table cloth on the table and purchased Pokemon plates and napkins. (I wanted to purchase streamers and banners but my husband went rogue in the store and forgot to purchase).

Sibling Gifts

I wanted my son to be able to enjoy his birthday gifts without his brothers fighting over them, so we picked up a Lego set for each of them to be busy with. Normally, I don't do this, but due to the circumstances I thought it wise to minimize the risk of meltdowns. Buy something small for the siblings and don't feel bad about it. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. Just something they'll appreciate and have fun with also. The kids have been couped up, they're missing their friends, teachers, and family and I'm not sure if my younger kids even fully understand why we they aren't going to school and can't go about life as usual.

Take Lots Of Pictures

This will be a birthday for the books! So make sure you take lots of pictures.

"Remember your 9th birthday, when we were stuck inside during the pandemic??"

Drive-By Birthday Love

I'm sure that by now you've seen people celebrating their birthdays on their porch while people drive by holding signs and wearing party hats to wish someone a "Happy Birthday". Invite local friends and family to drive by for a small parade to shower the birthday boy/girl with honks and birthday wishes. If they live nearby, why not??

Go On A Hike

Take a drive for a special "essential exercise outing" to a nice hiking trail. We live near a county park that has waterfalls and banana slugs. We have just been walking around our neighborhood, but for a birthday, it'd be worth a drive to a change of scenery to get your daily exercise while easing up some of the cabin fever.

How did you celebrate your child's birthday under stay in place orders?


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