Family Camping Activities

Updated: May 24

A FUN PACKED list of activities for your next camping trip.

Scavenger hunt and trivia

PrintGamesNow has a ton of fun games, scavenger hunts, trivia, and activities to download to make your next camping trip a blast!

Animal Tracking

An important skill for anyone that goes out in nature often, is to be able to see what animals may be around. Learn animal footprints with your kids.

Get this nifty book and compare to what you find on your next camping trip.

We tracked bob cat and turkey prints for our last camping trip! The turkeys sure did get close to our tents while we were sleeping!

Campfire Tales

There are these cool packets that turn your campfire magical colors.

A must for every camping trip when you sit around and enjoy the fire. Tell your favorite campfire tales or make it spooky with some scary stories. This book has both spooky and funny stories for kids!

Star Gazing

For everyone coming from the city lights, seeing the night sky during a camping trip is a welcomed site. Bring along a star map and try to spot constellations.

Yard Games

Perfect time to bring along the outdoor yard games like horseshoe, ring toss, or a game of catch.

Movie Night

And for those who may be feeling homesick, bored, or want to just relax and enjoy a movie in nature. Bring a portable DVD player and set up a movie under the stars or inside your tent. Kids will love cuddling up and enjoying a fun family movie together.

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