Easy Dinners For When You Don't Feel Like Cooking

I always anticipate for the days I really just don't care what's for dinner. Which is why I always keep a few staples around for those days.

Here we go:


My husband loves tuna fish sandwiches! And my kids will eat them also. Seriously, 5 mins and I'm done!


My husband also loves spam and all I have to do is heat it up. My kids don't mind it and my husband would be satisfied with it served with eggs or even in a tortilla. Did you know they have Chorizo spam??


Ya know? Eggs and bacon, Egg breakfast sandwich, egg salad sandwich, hard boiled eggs to make a chef salad.

Ground Meat

For spaghetti. EASY! or hamburgers. Meatloaf is also an easy one but my husband HATES that. :( I know...he sucks.

Frozen Veggies

Because all dinners need a healthy veg. I always keep frozen broccoli or carrots and peas in the freezer to quickly steam up and serve with dinner.

That's it. Those are my go to emergency ingredients. Why? Because I can make easy meals out of them and the possibilities are endless. Well, maybe not endless-but reasonable!

I'd love to hear your go to "no-fuss" dinners!


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