DIY Grocery Produce Bags

Up-cycled T-Shirt

Great for the kids....

Not great for the scale at the grocery store since the fabric is a little heavier. Best used at farmers markets to hold what you purchase :)

1. Start with an old shirt and turn it inside out.

2. Next, mark a curve from one side to the other like I did below:

3. Sew the bottom together, I used a machine but you can do it by hand if you'd like.

4. Next, mark where you want to make slits for the holes and then cut by pinching the shirt and cutting the line through both sides of the shirt.

* This adds to the design more than functionality. You can skip this part if you want.**

5. Finally, cut out a handle at the top and turn it right side out.


Net Produce Bags

Best for grocery shopping at the store since it's lightweight and you can easily see the produce through the netting. Takes a bit more work and the material is tricky. Plus, cost of materials.

1. Cut material to desired size. I cut it 23" x 12".

Then, fold the fabric in half so that there is no need to sew the bottom. I found this utility net at Joanne Fabrics in the "Utility Fabric" section, but muslin would work also.

2. Sew the top by folding down the fabric about 1/2" on each side. This is where the drawstring will loop through so leave a slit at the end to place the rope.

3. Sew the sides up.

4.String the rope through the top. I used polyester rope. Tie a knot at the end.

5. Flip inside out and done!


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