Direct Sales Or Nah?

I‘m sure at this point you probably know a good amount of women that sell direct sales/mlm. It was popular for our moms when they raised us- Tupperware, Avon. And now in the social media age where you don’t even have to make physical connection, it’s easier than ever to hop on Facebook and market to an unlimited amount of people......Who resent you for spamming their inbox.

You see other successful women on Facebook who tout of their success from the company they've signed on for. And without knowing exactly how much money they make or how much time or effort they put into it, you think to yourself...."I can make money like that too"....So you sign up for a company as a consultant and you are welcomed by your group who shares how the company has enhanced their life and you feel motivated.

You soon find out just how much work is required. You are taught how to engage with people in a scripted manner that has a higher statistic for a customer to return dialogue and possibly buy more of what you're selling.

From personal experience, a direct sales company made me a little bit of money for a lot of work. I relied on my family and friends- who were being bombarded by many of their online friends with the boom of the direct sales hitting social media through VIP groups and online parties. My family supported me with hosting parties and connecting me to people in their circle, making a purchase here and there.

It was very difficult to sustain because everyone eventually experienced burnout with all of these various people joining new companies and selling more and more products. I sold well for 6 months, making $100-$200 in a month, before I had to call it quits. The birth of my baby was my number one priority and I had little time to put into the business and not many people left in my circle to ask to host a party.

My recommendation for anyone thinking of joining a direct sales company: Join if you love the product and wouldn't mind getting a discount on it because you buy it frequently. Join if you want to occupy your time and love talking to people! Join if making money/long term source of income isn't your main objective. Money will be more of a bonus because you never know how much you'll earn from month to month. No matter how many strangers you're willing to reach out to, that's not a guarantee that they will become customers.

These companies are successful because of their reps. They make money with their kit they sell when you sign up or for the back office and website you pay for monthly. They are successful because your friends and family want to help you and support you and are willing to purchase one or twice. And finally, they tell you the key to making tons of money is by growing your team with more reps and more reps and teach them how to sell and get reps. It's a LOT of work for a small amount. I seriously would work all day on my computer, reaching out to strangers, asking my friends to book a party, posting about new products, doing vendor booths, fundraisers, working in the middle of the night as well as all day on my computer. (pregnancy hormones are a funny thing). The most I made in a month was $200.

My takeaway here,

With all the effort it takes to be successful in a direct sales company, I'd encourage you to find something you love to do and start your own business. Walk dogs, house sit, sell your own product, babysit, write a book, start a blog, makeup artist on the weekends. Would you rather make 20% commission or 100%?

I'm not here to bash these companies, I'm just sharing my opinions and thoughts that someone may need to hear as they sit and freak about income or yearn for some mental stimulation. You are capable of so much. Whether you choose to join a company or not. Good luck mama, and believe in yourself no matter what!


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