11 Crowd-Free Family Activities

Updated: May 28

With the flu season at it's peak and now this Coronavirus that is spreading around the world and in our communities, it's easy to get scared and just want to hunker down in your house...away from people and germs. I completely understand! To keep my family healthy, I am taking extra precautions, which include avoiding crowded places and anywhere with surfaces that are touched often by multiple people....lots of family friendly places come to mind when I think of places I DON'T WANT TO BE right now.

Family activities you can still enjoy while avoiding crowds

1. Hike/Nature Walk Need to get out of the house? Just drive to a nearby trail or county park and walk around. It's always nice for the body, mind, and soul to get out in nature and just escape the house and the busyness of everyday life. I think my kids love being around dirt and love the freedom to be loud and run around.

2. Movie Night In No need to go to the theaters and sit in a germy seat and eat over priced concessions. You can rent a movie on Amazon Prime and pop your own popcorn....maybe enjoy your own treats that you bake yourself ;)

3. Game Day My kids love games of all kinds. They especially love when us parents get in on the action. From battleship to Mario Cart on the Nintendo Switch, it can get competitive. Make a day to enjoy games together.

4. Play Catch

5. Garden Plant seeds, get your kids to help you in the backyard. They can pull weeds, dig holes, find insects, sow their seeds, water plants.

6. Bike Ride Whether it be a quick ride around the neighborhood or a trip to a trail, family bike rides are always fun.

7. Bake together Find a kid friendly recipe and get in the kitchen. Or maybe you'd like to cook up some chicken soup to deliver to a friend or family member who may be feeling under the weather.

8. Geocaching A great activity for families who love to explore. Geocaching is essentially a scavenger hunt for treasure. You don't know what the treasure is until you find it. You don't keep the treasure but you get the satisfaction of finding it! You can go to Geocaching.com to learn more or download the app and get started right now. Happy hunting!

9. Pokemon Go For the Pokemon lovers in your life, take them out to parks and let them catch some Pokemon using the app, Pokemon Go.

10. Craft Day Pull out the water colors or the sewing machine and craft up something with your kids.

11. Petting Zoo Think about it, people are already cautious to wash their hands well and use hand sanitizer after touching and feeding animals. It's a nice outdoor activity in open space which makes it a great crowd free activity.

Don't forget these other important tips to keep healthy

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often!

  • Wipe down surfaces in your home, office, car with a disinfecting wipe or spray. Don't forget your cell phone, remotes, and computer!

  • Keep a healthy distance when talking to someone 6 feet is best!

  • Don't touch your face with unwashed hands

  • Avoid being around sick people

  • If you are sick, stay home!


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