Camping With Kids: Must Have Gear

Updated: May 29

Looking to make your family camping trip extra special?? Well, look no further, my friends. I've compiled a list of my favorite kids camping gear to make your next trip extra fun and memorable!

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Here are some additions to add to your list for your next camping trip:

Tent Night Light

I love these lights! One is enough for a single tent to use when it starts to get dark. You can hang it from the top of the tent and it has 3 light modes so you can dim it for use as a night light and a strobe mode for safety. I can't go camping without these!

Bug Catcher

My boys are bug freaks. They love catching them and inspecting them. So naturally, a bug catcher is a real hit for a camping trip!

Campfire Popcorn Popper

My kids are popcorn freaks. For them, fun cannot happen without popcorn. Get a campfire popcorn maker. It's another thing kids can help cook over the fire besides their s'mores.

Fun Sleeping Bags

I really like Ozark Trails' sleeping bags for kids. They are of good quality-thick, warm, and comfy.

My kids love their sleeping bags. They have a shark and alligator version of these. Here are some more fun ones:

Air Mattress

I swapped our pads for these air mattresses. They are a lot more comfortable. And when the kids and parents are comfortable it's easier to fall asleep and feels more like home. Everyone wakes up ore refreshed. If your car has an outlet plug like my Explorer has, then you can just bring a regular pump. Otherwise-you'll need a charged cordless pump to blow up your mattress.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks may sound like a novelty,(that is why I originally bought them for our very first camping trip.) But I soon learned that it was a huge safety accessory. When the sun goes down and it's pitch black, it's hard to see your kids outside. Placing a glow stick around their neck will help you keep track of them easily.


Another safety precaution. Have a whistle that your kids can wear and teach them that in an emergency, if they are lost, use the whistle immediately.

S’more Tackle Box

Organize your S'mores supplies in this handy caddy.

Junior Ranger Outfit

If you camp at a county or state park, chances are they have a junior ranger program where your kids can earn patches. That led me to invest in a junior ranger outfit. My kids love costume play so they utilize this year round-even when we aren't camping.


Never know when you'll spot something far off in the distance that will need some extra investigating


I have my kids keep summer journals to keep up with their writing

Bedtime Story

Because kids will want to cuddle up with a story to get comfy enough to fall asleep. The night light will help in this case

Share your camping must haves below!


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