Benefits Of A Family Garden

Updated: Feb 13

Did you know that in A Harvard Study, it was found that women who live in homes "surrounded by more vegetation" live longer, at a mortality rate that is 12 percent lower than their counterparts?

Being outside and watching the outcome of your efforts while watching your garden grow and produce delicious fruits and vegetables should be reason enough to get your green thumb digging.

But I know we love a good list of benefits so here ya go:

1. Teaches kids how to take care of something and to learn patience.

2. Teaches kids about where food comes from and how it grows.

Instills skills and knowledge necessary to grow their own food. An important skill to have as an adult.

3. Get outside in fresh air and unplug.

I love when my kids check out of the electronics and into nature. They love digging for worms and harvesting the crops.

4. Kids gain a sense of pride when they see the fruits of their labor.

5. Saves money

I saved a lot of money with my summer crop! I didn't have to buy tomatoes, zucchini, green onions, or lettuce! That's a great start to save money from my grocery budget. Plant a fruit tree, you're welcome!

6. Help out bees and butterflies by providing food and water source-your crops!

7. Mental health

  • One study found that daily gardening decreased the incidence of dementia in adults aged 60 years or older by nearly 36 percent.

  • The CDC reports that the activity associated with gardening can reduce the risk of depression- as well as obesity, heart disease, and other physical problems.

  • Studies have shown that gardening can decrease levels of cortisol, otherwise know as the "stress hormone".

  • Some experts even believe that fresh air can help prevent ADHD in children.

8. Improving Nutrition

Kids and adults are more likely to want to enjoy fruits and vegetables that they've put the work into growing and with that, consuming more GOOD FOR YOU food.

Ready to start your garden? Check out what to plant for your Fall garden HERE!


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