Autumn Family Bucket List

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

September 23, 2019, The official start of Autumn. I'm a little ahead of the game thanks to local retailers with their spooky set ups in full swing. I already made my first spooky purchases of the season at the Dollar Tree. Bats, rats, and witches feet. The trees are not turning yet, but I'm already excited for Halloween, sweater weather, and the kickoff of the holiday seasons.

Did you know that Autumn doesn't end until December 22nd? That's 3 days before Christmas! Needless to say, Autumn is truly when all the festivities go down. Even purchasing a Christmas tree...Yep-that happens in Fall, folks!

For the sake of separating the "Winter activities" from the "Fall activities", I will include the Winter Bucket list in a separate post.

So, here is a pumpkin spiced list for you to digest of our personal Family Bucket List for Autumn!

(If you didn't know, we like to get out of the house and explore often! Outings are an important part of our family time together.)


  • Pumpkin Patch- We love the corn mazes, train rides, pumpkin blaster, etc.

  • Trick or Treating as much as possible. Any event in our area that has trick or treating, we go to it! The outlets have an event, certain stores have events, theme parks, and of course Halloween night in our neighborhood. If you ask my kids, they'll tell you trick or treating is the most important thing about the whole month of October.

  • Amusement Park Spook Events (Gilroy Gardens, Great America, Winchester Mystery House are a few of the local Parks in our area that put on a special Halloween event)

  • Costume Shopping -Thrift or New. My boys are heavily into dress up so we do costume shopping at the thrift store and then if there's a good deal on a new costume we will purchase new as well. They usually have multiple characters during October.

  • School Fall Festival

  • Trunk Or Treating (most churches do this, if not you could coordinate and put one together for your church or school!)

  • Haunted House (not with kids)

  • Drive around to view Halloween decorations in the neighborhood along to spooky music

  • Apple Picking

  • Take a scenic drive to view spectacular trees with orange, yellow, red leaves.

  • Go on a flashlight walk

  • Black Friday Shopping (Hubby and I do this one solo, and we get really stoked for it, we get all of our Christmas shopping done for the kids) See why Here


  • Pumpkin carving party with Halloween treats and spooky music

  • Scary movie night-Spookley The Square Pumpkin, Hocus Pocus, Old School Goosebumps, Nightmare Before Christmas are just a few of our favorites.

  • Decorate the house-Inside and Out

  • Host a Halloween party and invite family and kids from school

  • Collect cool fallen leaves

  • Do a fall craft

  • Rake leaves into piles and jump into them

  • Thanksgiving craft-Click here for ideas

  • Collect pine cones from the park and paint them for centerpieces


  • Pumpkin Cookies, Pie, Or Bread

  • Roast pumpkin seeds

  • Make apple pie, apple sauce from the apples you pick

  • Thanksgiving dinner

What are your family traditions for Autumn??


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