A Word On Parenting

When a parenting question is asked, it's so hard to give a single answer.

Every child is unique and responds differently to various methods.

The best thing to do is to gather information and tactics for your tool kit and to test them out until you find the one that works the best*. (Obviously, it's not going to work immediately and solely on it's own)

Go with you intuition first, you know your child best.

But having something to fall back on when you are feeling like you just are at your wits end as far as tackling the task on hand in your parenting journey is enough to give you the motivation to stay the course.

Shepherd of my Heart,

I sit at your feet, Lord.

I rest in your presence. In your presence, I become satisfied.

Lord grant me a new, fresh season of prayer in my life. May my prayers be spoken containers that hold the essence of your heart.

Grant me insights into my child, so that I can pour out more blessings on my child.

Reveal to me how to love my child, so that my child will feel the depth of my love.

Move my thoughts to the important things of life. I will listen, as you remind me to delight in being with my child.



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