6 Tips For Cooking While Camping

Updated: May 28

These are things I learned through trial and error. Some of them are no brainers, but I still had to find out the hard way. If I can help one person have a smoother camping trip-that's what this is for.

1. Bring a butane stove. My second time camping without one. We ended up caving and purchasing one from the store on site of the campgrounds. We will definitely invest in a double burner before next trip. It was so difficult to cook foods evenly in a pan while over the campfire. Not too mention it uses up charcoal/firewood so quickly! It felt much more normal to be cooking with the stove burner. Bring one!

2. Only grill items that can go straight to the grate. Don't try to put anything else on the fire pit grate other than items like meat, corn, etc. We tried to make bacon in a cast iron pan (before out burner) and it took forever! I tried making pancakes........ugh...we semi got there, but it cooks so uneven. A true pain in the tush.

3. Bring firewood for campfires, charcoal only for cooking. We got that one down this time. Firewood=warmth, smore making, and light for campfire stories. Charcoal=BBQing only.

4. Invest in a screened canopy for shelter from bugs. We were swarmed by wasps as soon as any food was taken out of the cooler or taken off the grill. It was so difficult to eat a meal because we were constantly moving food around and running while eating to escape them. We are purchasing a screened canopy for our next camping trip. We don't want to be hungry and grouchy next time!

5. Two Separate Coolers- One for meats, the other for drinks, condiments, fruits. Okay, It was kind of gross having our meats and eggs mixed in with our drinks and fruits/snacks. Have 2 coolers. One for raw foods and the other for drinks and snacks.

6. Freeze meats before you go then place in cooler. It can be used to keep other foods cold but thaw by the time you need it. I went camping for three days and the meat stayed frozen for 2-3 days..In the summer! It also froze some other items like our bean dip but at least it didn't go bad.

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