5 Things You Really Don't Need To Spend Money On

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Hair Cuts- I've been cutting my own hair for the past year and a half and I cut my kids' hair too. Watch a couple YouTube videos and you're on your way. I do however, take them to get their hair cuts before the holidays, back to school, or special vacations.

Nails- As a mom, your nails will get messed up immediately anyways, and then it;s a waste of money. Save that money for a massage!

And do your own nails! (However, a pedicure is a must here and there.)

Brand Name Clothes @ Full Price- Most of my closet is full of clothes from thrift stores. I don't look at labels but more often than not the super adorable clothes I pick out end up being high end boutique clothes that are in excellent condition. And I always find my date night dresses there also. You'll be surprised at how many women donate a dress they wore once for a special occasion. Thank you for that! I only buy items brand new that I can't find at the thrift stores....AND UNDERWEAR/BRAS OF COURSE.

Year Book- Unless it's a special year for them like 5th Grade promotion, 8th Grade promotion or High School graduation...You DO NOT NEED TO BUY A YEARBOOK! Man those are expensive and let me tell you, all of my yearbooks that aren't from 5th or 8th grade mean nothing to me! Really...I have no ties to them. I just feel obligated to hold on to them and I KNOW they were and are still expensive picture books that you probably already spent money on having your child's school picture and now you have every other student's mugshot too. Exciting, isn't it? PASS-trust me!

Subscription Boxes- I haven't had one....I've been curious, sure. But I really believe that if you need something or want to try something, you don't need to spend $10-$40 a month to do so. (Depending on the subscription box) Just go get that one thing to try! Honestly, I think women only get it because of FOMO. They are afraid they are missing out on something. You aren't-but you are saving money! Good job!

Woo Hoo! Now you have some more tools in your budget tool box!


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