5 Things To Let Go Of As A Mom

Updated: Feb 27

Being a mom, homemaking, raising kids, cleaning a home, cooking dinner, keeping up with it all can be very overwhelming and stressful-even emotional at times! It doesn't have to be though. You just need to let go of what you think you are "supposed" to be doing and start making time for things you want to be doing!

Here's FIVE things to let go of as a mom:

1. Nice Things

Living a more simple life with less material-things has made me a happier mom. Why? Because having nice things around kids is a heartbreak waiting to happen at any moment. Either my kids have destroyed one too many of my personal belongings or I have spent many a days stressing out and worrying about them destroying something. I finally had to come to the conclusion that in this stage of motherhood, I can't have nice things right now. And it's been comforting knowing if my second hand dining table gets scratched or painted or chewed on by my dogs, it's okay because I didn't spend a ton of money on it.

2. Clean House

To have a clean house, I'd have to be cleaning every second of my life. Each week I spend 1-2 days doing a whole house clean-bathrooms, vacuum, floors, laundry, etc. But before I can even get from morning to evening, the house is trashed again thanks to the kids. Whether it's toys trailed from the top of the stairs throughout the rest of the house or a bathroom incident. Usually, everything is undone within hours. I have to lower my standards and be okay with a messier house otherwise, I'd be angry and spending every waking moment picking up and picking up and picking up and scrubbing and sweeping and all of it. And that's not the life I want to live. I still have standards for my home and expect my kids to clean up, but they are definitely a lot lower than they used to be. Get used to be comfortable in a messier than usual house.

3. Complicated Dinners

You don't have to have a pinterest dinner every night. You don't have to make interesting meals. I spent years seeking out new, fresh meals to make for my kids, spending too much money, and still end up with my kids complaining and refusing to eat it. But guess what? I kept doing it!

Simplify your meals and make what you know your kids like. Cook the same 10 meals over and over again. Save the fancy for special occasions. You'll thank me for this one!

4. Resentment

You know, the resentment of your husband not being able to produce milk from their chests, the resentment you get as a stay at home mom when your spouse "gets to go to work" everyday and "get a break" from the kids. Stop that now! Start respecting each other and appreciating your spouse for what they do contribute to your life and to the family.

5. Your Previous Identity

Stop chasing who you were before you became a mom. You are a different woman, your life forever changed for the better. You need to discover a new identity after motherhood. Don't lose yourself to your kids but maintain your sense of self by nurturing your interests and hobbies, set personal goals. Working on yourself and making time for your hobbies will help you maintain your personal identity. Just remember- don't chase your old self.. Find your new self., in this new chapter of your life.







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