10 Social Distancing Summer Activities

Updated: 6 days ago


Looking for fun activities and adventures to do this summer while we are still social distancing? Read ahead for ten social distance-friendly summer activities.

1. Fruit Picking

Many farms are open for picking now. What a yummy outing that would be! Bring back your picking and bake up something delightful.

2. Backyard Movie Theater

It may be awhile before you can go to a movie theater again and drive ins are going to be so crowded this summer. Have no fear! You can pick up a projector and create a backyard theater setup for your family.

3. Fishing

4. Metal Detecting

On my 9 year old's summer bucket list is metal detecting and I think it's an awesome idea! You just need a beach or a park and you can be busy for hours. And who knows, maybe you'll find something pretty cool!

You can find a junior metal detector on Amazon from National Geographic for under $50.

5. Bocce Ball

My kids played their own version of bocce ball in our backyard and have been hooked ever since. If you've never played, I highly recommend it...It's pretty fun!

6. Archery

You might want to check to see if you have a local archery club where private lessons are offered. Once you learn, county parks usually have ranges for public use.

7. Disc Golf

Again, county parks or campgrounds usually have a disc golf course. Disc golf is similar to playing golf, with similar rules, but instead of a ball and club you throw discs at the targets.

8. Golf

9. Geocaching

Using a GPS, you can find caches that are cleverly hidden all over the world. You can find more info that I wrote on geocaching HERE.

10. Picnic At The Park

What have you found to do to scratch your adventure bug itch??


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