10 Simple Ways To Bond With Your Kids

There never seems to be enough hours in a day. It's easy to forget to stop and take a moment to spend quality time with your kids. Especially as they get older and more independent. Often, I forget that they need their buckets filled too, but they don't always know how to communicate those feelings to you.

We get so caught up in the daily schedules and To-Do lists that we often find ourselves realizing it's been a while since we've taken a moment to stop and check in with our kids.

Here are 10 quick and simple ways to spend time with your children, even with a busy schedule:

1.Do an activity your kid likes to do. Play catch, fold origami, build legos, color. Show them you care what they're interested in and have a little fun.

2. Involve them with dinner

3. Look at family pictures together. We print pictures out through Shutterfly and my mom makes picture books often of trips or special events. The kids love getting cozy and going through their own picture books. It makes them each feel very special.

4. Go for an evening stroll/ride. Scooter, bike, stroller, dog walk. A nice family walk can be great way to spend some time together.

5.Make it a point to sit down together for dinner, tv off, and ask them about their day. This is when my kids turn into blabber mouths and they can't wait til its their turn to share about their day.

6. Put on music and have a dance party.

7. Snuggle up to a good show or with a good book and just cuddle each other.

8. Share a sweet treat. This is how my husband shows his love, he comes home with ice cream for dessert or donuts on Saturday morning. The kids look forward to Donut day with their daddy.

9. Play a game of cards or a board game.

10. Read bedtime stories.


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