10 Arrival Ideas For Elf On The Shelf

Updated: May 28

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The time is almost here for your Elf On The Shelf to magically arrive in your homes. Kids are asking about their beloved Elf and wondering how and when they'll show up.

Well, this year they won't be disappointed. I've gathered 10 of the cutest arrival ideas fro your Elf to come swingin' into the holiday season in true holiday style!

Most of these props are from Target dollar section. I also have the Elf On The Shelf prop kit, Elves at Play.

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1. Porch Arrival

Create a tiny suitcase for your elf made out of construction paper and prop him on the porch. When your children on on their way to the car for school, they'll notice the Elf has arrived and the luggage will show he's journeyed and is here to visit for a while.

2. Drawing comes to life

Ask your child to draw Elf On The Shelf. While they're sleeping, replace their drawing with the elf on the shelf on a blank piece of paper. They'll be so awed!

3. Magic Glitter

Mail magic glitter to you kids from your Elf. A letter inside will explain that they'll have to sprinkle the glitter somewhere in the house to open a magic portal that will bring them from the North Pole to their house!

I love this large glitter confetti. Easy clean up!

4. Small Stockings

Hang small stockings up for each kid. Your Elf can be inside one of them. You can place a candy cane and a letter or any other sweet treat for your kids from the Elf.

5. Elf will arrive with a scavenger hunt for the kids to do

Print out a scavenger hunt. Roll it up and secure it to your Elf. Have the kids go on the scavenger hunt for a fun winter activity!

6. Elf will arrive on top of pet.

7. Welcome breakfast

Maybe your Elf makes a special pancake breakfast for the kids to wake up to. Perhaps an advent calendar to start the countdown to Christmas?

8. Magic door

This is a cute little gift box from the dollar section at Target. Isn't it magical?? I'll probably color this and add lots of elf glitter. You can put something inside too, as it is a gift box after all!

9. Setting up shop in freezer

I found this cute Elf workshop at Target in the dollar section. I can place this in my freezer and the north Pole Elf workshop can take over the family freezer for the Christmas season

10. Decorating a tiny tree

We get our Christmas Tree after Thanksgiving. So the day you get your tree, your Elf can show up with its tree and announce it's Christmas tree weekend!

Which is your favorite and do you have a special family tradition for welcoming your Elf On The Shelf?

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